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Member of The National Association of Youth Theatres (NAYT)

Limelight Musicals is a member of the National Association of Youth Theatres 

The children's cast perform the rousing final chorus from Dazzle The Musical

Inspirational School Musicals for KS2 and KS3 with Immediate Digital Downloads

We specialise in school musicals with compelling drama, fully realised characters and West-End quality songs.

Our shows tend to be more challenging, musically and dramatically, than typical school productions, and are therefore suited to performance by more able and ambitious groups.

All production materials are available as immediate digital downloads. Scripts are available in Junior and Full versions for performance by KS2 and KS3.

Professionally scored band parts are available for all our shows, enabling you to enhance your production with a live theatre orchestra.

If you don't have access to live musicians, our professionally recorded backing tracks give you the next best thing.

Music is recorded with top London session musicians playing live instruments, giving an authentic experience that lifts the music and drama in a way not possible with synthesised music used on many school shows.

Add young talent and energy, and a Limelight musical will bring theatrical magic to your school or youth theatre group.

Every year, hundreds of successful productions of our shows are staged across the UK and English-speaking world.

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Request perusal scripts for our two most popular school shows

Poptastic tells the story of wannabe popstar Charlie Fosdyke and her search for fame and glory. It is based on a school talent hosted by BBC Starmaker, which descends on her school to broadcast their next programme.

This sets off a story of ambition and rivalry, with colourful characters and a message at its heart that children can relate to. 

Dazzle is a magical summer musical and makes a perfect Year 6 leavers' show.

It tells the story of Poppy Pringle who inherits a run-down seaside funfair, and how she and her fairground friends join together to save it from the bad guys and the bulldozers.

When you choose a Limelight school musical...

  • Your cast will be inspired, your audiences captivated, and mums and dads amazed.

  • Young talent will shine, and develop before your eyes.

  • Your production will be a highlight of the school year, and a talking point in the community.

We believe a school musical can change lives in unexpected and wonderful ways. We have seen it hundreds of times. No doubt as a producer of children's shows, you have too.

A school production is not just an end-of-year entertainment, it can inspire everyone it touches. The applause may finally come to an end, but the ripples go out across the years.

Ensure your next school production achieves everything you hope for, by staging one of our proven shows.

    Our promise

    “Proven school musicals that inspire young performers, delight audiences and raise the roof wherever they are performed.”

      singing our praises Dazzle is the best musical we have ever done. The kids adored it, the parents were blown away, and the staff absolutely loved it." Sue Walker, Music Education Lead, Herefordshire Music Education Hub
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      Young performers giving their all in a production of hit children's school musical Dazzle
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      Mr Pop Tastic himself raising the roof in Limelight Musical's hit show Poptastic.
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      The Dazzlers in action in Limelight Musical's hit summer show Dazzle.
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      Spooky and Monkeychunks take on Fred in the hit children's show Dazzle The Musical
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      Out come the ghouls and ghosties in The Ghost Train scene from Dazzle The Musical.

      School Musicals with West-End Quality Songs - Limelight Musicals

      Member of The National Association of Youth Theatres (NAYT)

      Limelight Musicals is a member of the National Association of Youth Theatres